As well as dandelions – I also

love all flying birds – especially Robins – if we are interested in and have a small garden we are in the midst of bird life that are using that space as their territory. Robins are quite full of themselves – and very aware of their territories. They tolerate other birds but not other Robins. I’ve noticed that they are less likely to challenge a blackbird but harass all the blue, great and long tailed tits who are so much more skilful than they at the peanut feeder, encouraging them to drop some of the morsels that red red robin then picks from the ground. Love them. Love all of them.

“Angel, heron, bicycle on a hill and 4 red red robins, in hawthorn tree, winter 2020.“ 5 block hand printed lino block print £25 size 12cmx12cm.

Available to purchase from my Etsy site moonkwaykstudio

Cabbage white and nasturtium.

I love nasturtiums at this time of year – still throwing out their gorgeous flowers – leaves dwindling but the chaotic climbing stalks and abundance of flowers is an explosion of colour – with the autumn darkness and winter wind down to come. The cabbage white may not be seen again until next year – love them also and looking forward already to watching them in pairs flitting about my garden.

The 4 blocks to the right of the prints that I have carved make the image – each print for sale £5 from my stall in Tynemouth market on Sunday 25/10/2020, still need to add the black dot and tip to the wings.