I’m not at my stall sunday 18/10/2015

I won’t be at my stall in Tynemouth Market on sunday 18th October. I’m off to Newton Stewart in Dumfries and Galloway for what I know will be a fantastic weekend of laughter and inspiration in the company of my friends and fearless travel companions Myra and Donna.

I’m back at my stall in Tynemouth on Sunday 25th October with new prints.

flugelhornone flugelhorntwo

I bought a trumpet – sorry a flugelhorn – missing the mouthpiece so searching for the correct one. I bought it in a charity shop, St Cuthbert’s Hospice shop in Durham city opposite where I’m currently thoroughly enjoying redoing my Citizens Advice Bureau training. The brain is lighting up and its all starting to fall into place, again. The purchase of the beautiful flugelhorn was – saw it, bought it in under a minute truly impulsive, gorgeously. I may only ever draw it and observe it and just be delighted by it – I do want to try and play some notes maybe even a recognisable tune. I’m spurred on by my ability to get notes out of an old hunting horn belonging to my Aunt Joan. Disgraceful object when thinking about the fox, however making the note just is so thrilling. I can do the embouchure thing and change the pitch! Cycling lungs come in handy but I’m prepared for going light headed. Learning a new skill whilst re discovering old skills and perfecting ( aha if only ) a life long skill!