A bit skitey on the C2C monday 23/11/2015

A bit skitey is the word – but… my bike’s tyres are very, I thought, unlikey to let me down, literally – however just after I had answered – ‘ I know – these tyres are great though’ after he said – ‘it’s a bit skitey mind’ – of course I came off. Quite gracefully at the bottom of a drift of ice with running water over it. However most of the way via Stanley and Annfield Plain over alot of skitey ice I felt reassuringly safe on my big tyres. I have the return journey tonight with my extremely bright new light to test out. I always find these rides make me think. I’m in the process of designing one of 3 new books where I can use all this dark winter no light cycling experience. The night sky last week was tremendous – I love the unexpected bonus of contact with the mysterious, nocturnal, natural environment when making a routine return journey.



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