Craghead cross country

Yesterday I got lost – and ended in a river, sorry streamlet, crossing it carrying my bike. I expected, again, that I would wake up feeling muscles that I had forgotten I had but I didn’t. I was toiling getting lost and cycling for 2 hours without a break in lovely winter sunshine – it has to be said. I am pleasantly surprised to discover that my fitness levels must be quite high now – using my sort of life time fitness record in my head from nil fitness and being rubbish at cross country running at school. Then discovering the Great North Run and finding out that for so called fun runners it was just a question of following to the letter the training regime and the once unattainable joy at running long distances was actually possible and a source of joy. I don’t run now – I cycle and there’s so much about all the processes involved that I love – the challenge and map reading ( also – love using maps ) all the elements just give me so much and produce ideas for work. All that and seratonin. Yesterday I identified the wrong way to get to my destination but it was an adventure – unexpected. I do not like exercising without a purpose – it has to be journey that I have to take somewhere, however I always give myself plenty of time to get lost. It pays dividends. I now have a much better route but look forward to getting lost again.

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