A book ~ the first moonkwayk studio book ~ expertly hand bound, hard back with one ragged edge.


‘Souvenir of Tynemouth’, a poem written by Elaine Cusack, images and book design by myself Anne Proctor – all the letterpress pages and hand made etched images and lino block prints are now expertly hand bound ( by local bookbinder Ruth McCann) into a hard back artists’ book! The first for Moonkwayk Studio. I’m mightily impressed with what we have produced – all three of us using our own separate strengths have made a document that records a fascinating and inspirational northern, architectural, cultural space  ~ Tynemouth Railway Station, with a wild visitor reminding us of the bigger picture.

One edge ragged – the top edge – all moonkwayk books will have the top edge ragged. The deckle or ragged edge is part of the hand printed tradition.




Can’t wait ~ well I will have to ~ to make another ~ I have four more titles quietly accumulating letterpress pages and images all in preparation to be bound. On subjects ~ well ~ what can I say – I’m keeping quiet…… for now!

There are 15 books in the ‘Souvenir of Tynemouth’ limited edition, £215 each. Number 1 has already been purchased ~ so 14 available. There is also the digital, part hand printed, soft cover version at £15 each. Both hard back and soft cover version are available for sale from my stall each sunday in Tynemouth Station Market.



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