Yesterday wed 13th Jan 2016 I spent time drawing in Newcastle Central Station before boarding a train to Edinburgh for a gallery trawl – in the sunshine!!! Came back wanting to start painting with watercolour again ~ to try to move the rolling sky with colours? Arthur Melville exhibition.

The sun brought conversations with other people I will never probably meet again ~ waiting for trains ~ we exchanged information some examples as follows:

Penshaw to Tynemouth by steam train a regular service approx 60 years ago.

David Guest TV celeb & of Liza Minnelli husband fame – I’m sure he will do his own entrepreneuring or whatever he does?very well. Stays at the Vermont Hotel Gateshead quite frequently and goes regularly into the Bridge public house – not to drink alcohol – he’s an alcoholic recovering – he goes in to talk and apparently he’s a very nice chap.

I drew the Newcastle Central Station clock – what can I say – one of two ? are there more? – iconic. While I’m drawing I’m also very aware and tuned in to the soundscape – the whistling of the guards was very entertaining –  a whistling conversation that was not about the trains, maybe. The drawing will be a new card for sale this sunday 17th Jan 2016 at my stall in Tynemouth.

That Leaving feeling – love the music and the video – Tindersticks and Lhasa de Sela ~

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