Basil Bunting’s Adana printing press

I’ve bought the late Basil Bunting’s Adana printing press – the Adana Quarto Horizontal Platen press – just needs a bit more work to clean it up. I’ve sussed the way it works – freed up rusted bits and oiled the moving parts. I’ve temporarily removed the rollers to clean them. It is accompanied by much of the odds and sods needed to print – typefaces, leads, chases and furniture.

Confess to knowing nothing about Basil Bunting other than he had a connection to Newcastle and wrote poetry. I will try to find out more. I do know that he used the Adana press to print his poems onto postcards in a 6pt sans serif typeface .

It is strange knowing that I am getting to know the press that he used.

The press is so simple and very effective at relief printing using the lever that pushes up against the solid metal arch creating a large amount of downward pressure with very little effort.  My Adana instruction leaflet is very clear about this – if the packing has been done correctly use only the minimal amount of pressure. I like that – it makes long runs much easier.

I’m almost ready to print – it just needs a very good clean throughout and I need to work out the fine adjustment to get the correct pressure on the sheet of paper. Magic.




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