Estuary weekend

This weekend I’ve been away – with the fairies! Magical sights and conversations and plans. Water features very highly in an inspirational life giving way not threatening ~ the weather, the sky returning ~ wow, strange heavy rain clouds and fine rain lit up by the sun disappearing red and gold with a rainbow, leaving behind the sunset then icy clear Hexham full moon.

Wrote this along with more words to be accompanied by empty factory ghosts in a book to be made some time in the future. I always return home from these visits full of inspiration.

this weekend

Yorkshire puddings –

matching Rita’s

real eggs from

chickens with names

talked Gaudi and

nebulae, colours

silky and warm

forgot hummus

they didn’t… then

remembered raw carrot

a lock in flowed poetry

drew water conduits

marvelled at tree splendour

discovered the Cally

luxurious carpet

THE SKY!!! The rainbow,

the sunset, the moon!

fish and chips

in a crypt


can’t wait Barcelona!


Lhasa de Sela ~ gift

A Tynemouth Market acquaintance who visits my neighbour – Pete’s book stall – was talking to me a little while ago about his memory of seeing Lhasa perform at the Sage in Gateshead in May 2005. Yesterday he only went and gave me one of his photographs from the night! – the band taking a standing ovation and the cutting from the Sage booklet of the performance details and sadly her obituary in the Independent just 5 years later. The Sage cutting really brings home to the reader how young she was and full of life and ideas.

How did he know it was my birthday? Best present. Please please if you happen upon this blog and you have no idea who she is – listen – loads on youtube. Her music may or may not move you – if it does it will be with you all your life.

Next Moonkwayk studio book ~ Allotment No 2

turning front garden number one

to a personal view ~ inspired by those chaotic

70s, urban, spaced out green sketches,

with balancing crows, swinging off feeders with nuthatch & finch


my allotment is hidden by lilac, honeysuckle and privet

private, open and productive

I will treasure and draw from

rocket & spinach, brush, line and reglet, type and ink.



‘ Leazes Allotments of life’ copyright Anne Proctor

New words for a new book – words, images and book design by Anne Proctor. The final 2 paragraphs of words from my memory of Bath Lane Art college – painting allotments in Leazes Park 1973 and meeting people who would completely change my life – mixed in with visiting memories ~ a house just up the hill from Bath Lane. I have to design the book and put it together, which takes some time to do, so in 2-3 months there will be a new book.

Play the trumpet badly: tra la, blaaa!

I’ve discovered another way of releasing feel good chemicals – buy a trumpet and try to play it – it does make me laugh and creates those mood lifters. I eventually found the correct mouth piece in Windows music shop in the Central Arcade, for my acquisition from the charity shop in Durham – the flugelhorn. I do want to try and play it slightly better than I do now – I have to choose the time carefully so that I’m not inflicting the noise on people who maybe don’t appreciate my bad playing. However it is really fun.

I’ve cycled 66 miles since the wind dropped and its weird how the lapse of time since cycling longer distances makes you lose condition but how quickly it returns – I think that’s called muscle memory. Today was just fabulous cycling back eastwards along the coast to coast with the late afternoon golden winter sun picking out tree trunks and casting shadows of the bike across the path. The first time I’ve seen the shadow of the wind turbines at the Annfield Plain crossing as they sweep across the road, something bizarre about that. You get really close up to them and they are huge and have a very eerie sound – so different in daylight to the night time rides I’ve done, when the sound is accentuated.

From my walk to Pontop Pike aerial today I could see Penshaw monument and on the horizon a panoramic view of the North Sea off Sunderland. How good is that after all the glum cloudy days.