Play the trumpet badly: tra la, blaaa!

I’ve discovered another way of releasing feel good chemicals – buy a trumpet and try to play it – it does make me laugh and creates those mood lifters. I eventually found the correct mouth piece in Windows music shop in the Central Arcade, for my acquisition from the charity shop in Durham – the flugelhorn. I do want to try and play it slightly better than I do now – I have to choose the time carefully so that I’m not inflicting the noise on people who maybe don’t appreciate my bad playing. However it is really fun.

I’ve cycled 66 miles since the wind dropped and its weird how the lapse of time since cycling longer distances makes you lose condition but how quickly it returns – I think that’s called muscle memory. Today was just fabulous cycling back eastwards along the coast to coast with the late afternoon golden winter sun picking out tree trunks and casting shadows of the bike across the path. The first time I’ve seen the shadow of the wind turbines at the Annfield Plain crossing as they sweep across the road, something bizarre about that. You get really close up to them and they are huge and have a very eerie sound – so different in daylight to the night time rides I’ve done, when the sound is accentuated.

From my walk to Pontop Pike aerial today I could see Penshaw monument and on the horizon a panoramic view of the North Sea off Sunderland. How good is that after all the glum cloudy days.

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