Next Moonkwayk studio book ~ Allotment No 2

turning front garden number one

to a personal view ~ inspired by those chaotic

70s, urban, spaced out green sketches,

with balancing crows, swinging off feeders with nuthatch & finch


my allotment is hidden by lilac, honeysuckle and privet

private, open and productive

I will treasure and draw from

rocket & spinach, brush, line and reglet, type and ink.



‘ Leazes Allotments of life’ copyright Anne Proctor

New words for a new book – words, images and book design by Anne Proctor. The final 2 paragraphs of words from my memory of Bath Lane Art college – painting allotments in Leazes Park 1973 and meeting people who would completely change my life – mixed in with visiting memories ~ a house just up the hill from Bath Lane. I have to design the book and put it together, which takes some time to do, so in 2-3 months there will be a new book.

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