Estuary weekend

This weekend I’ve been away – with the fairies! Magical sights and conversations and plans. Water features very highly in an inspirational life giving way not threatening ~ the weather, the sky returning ~ wow, strange heavy rain clouds and fine rain lit up by the sun disappearing red and gold with a rainbow, leaving behind the sunset then icy clear Hexham full moon.

Wrote this along with more words to be accompanied by empty factory ghosts in a book to be made some time in the future. I always return home from these visits full of inspiration.

this weekend

Yorkshire puddings –

matching Rita’s

real eggs from

chickens with names

talked Gaudi and

nebulae, colours

silky and warm

forgot hummus

they didn’t… then

remembered raw carrot

a lock in flowed poetry

drew water conduits

marvelled at tree splendour

discovered the Cally

luxurious carpet

THE SKY!!! The rainbow,

the sunset, the moon!

fish and chips

in a crypt


can’t wait Barcelona!


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