One thought on “Tynemouth market stall dates

  1. Hi Anne. I am leaving a comment here as I could not find your email address. I came and visited your stall at Tynemouth Christmas market last Sunday and was inspired by your work and your enthusiasm. I have also trolled around your website and blog which is equally exciting and full of wonderful happenings in your life from printmaking, exhibitions, workshops, cycling, something of a passion of mine, poetry, writing, music and of course your art inspirations. I collect our Hawthorne press from York tomorrow and hopefully my printmaking will start to develop more.
    Kate did well on her stall. She is doing her children’s school fair on Saturday and she has lots of stock over which she will continue to add to. She also took on what you said about workshops and is thinking of setting up a Monday workshop in Cullercoats. I think she would like to build up her little enterprise so she can reduce her school teaching demands.
    Anyway, Kate also said your idea of doing one after Christmas would be good so I might come up to support her again. Hopefully you will be there with your work and I can gather more wonderful info and ideas from your work. This time I will buy a print from you.
    Love your work and web pages. You are caressing your spiritual soul through your art. Take care Chris.


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